Suffering and Smiling

Posted: June 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Some studies show that Nigerians are some of the happiest people in the world.


The last couple of weeks have been tough for the Nigerian people. Besides having to deal with the everyday frustrations of our society, which are too numerous for me to pen down right now; we’ve also had to deal with the reality that we are living in a country that is so mismanaged, our everyday safety might be in jeopardy.

Do I exaggerate?

Maybe…maybe not.

When 153 passengers boarded a flight on June 3rd, in Abuja, Nigeria, enroute Lagos, they were probably not thinking about plane audits, and their planes’ flight history, or the Nigerian aviation system.

On that flight, there were families, husbands, wives, sisters, brothers…

….aunts, uncles, grandmothers… children…too many little ones…ALL on one airplane.

And on that Sunday afternoon, of June 3rd 2012, that plane crashed into a residential area near its destination; the Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos.

There were no survivors.

All 153 gone…including 30+ people on ground died.

When I share my experiences on this blog; “The Nigerian Experience”, they are usually light hearted and entertaining at best. They are experiences that make me surprised, smile or laugh. But when experiences in Nigeria turn fatal…

NO ONE is Suffering and Smiling.

So I’ve been thinking…A LOT.

Complaining…A LOT…a bit.

And honestly I don’t know what can change my country. I have no answers. Nigeria is like a child who has everything it needs “medically” to develop into an adult but is struggling inch by inch…bit by bit…

….To grow.

The Giant of Africa.

I won’t go into the specific details of my country and its mismanagement issues, nor the woes and frustrations of living here, I might just end up ranting…and that’s not cute.

But I will ask…when will enough truly be enough?

Is there hope?

There is ALWAYS hope when there is life.

No country is perfect. I’ve lived in a couple different countries, each country I loved more than the other…but I could tell you at least 3 reasons why you shouldn’t live in each of those countries. So, I know no country is perfect.

But when Nigerians, a country of 150+ million inhabitants are known to be suffering and smiling…year after year??….

I can mandate that change is ESSENTIAL for my country Nigeria.

Somethings’ DEFINITELY got to give…

  1. dudubeauty says:

    Thinking about this is nothing short of frustrating! Nothing seems to work in that country..

    You are right; no country is perfect but there is something fundamental wrong with a society that has everything within it’s sphere to grow but refuses to grow.

    Is it the Government? The Governed? or are the people so complacent that now anything goes?

    One thing that we can all be certain of; is that change is constant, something will give…I pray war does not arise from it.

    • To answer your questions, “Is it the Government? The Governed? or are the people so complacent that now anything goes?”. Yes, yes and yes…its the govt, the governed and complacency here is deeep…and I too truly pray war doesn’t arise b4 we get liberation. Thanks for reading 🙂

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